Beauty and the Feast

A4 Landscape PINK

I am incredibly proud to be writing and directing (and performing in) this new immersive-panto-drag-feast in collaboration with Darling and Edge. It is showing at The Vaults until mid January. This one is definitely for grownups.
It smashes the wild, truth-telling of proper fairy tales together with the irreverent chaos of panto, and the uninhibited sexuality of drag into a joyous, beautiful, lavish, riot.
Remember that fizzing excitement you felt screaming ‘he’s behind you’s’ at the panto? We have dressed it in nine inch heels and a codpiece, put a french cocktail in its hand and sent it growling into the night.
Meanwhile the sumptuous, ill-mannered feast will have you guzzling the story right into your hairy belly, and all down the front of your Sunday best.
Prowling about inside this telling of Beauty and the Beast you’ll be banishing your inner preening princess and howling with your most wolfish, reprehensible self.
Its delicious, wild and nearly sold out! Follow me for tickets to the ball.