MI1020 – Agent O’s Secret Kit


laser carp picture

Gingerline’s event for the launch of a new Nokia phone was an incredible, immersive dining adventure hailing from the most absurd enclaves of cold war era spy thrillers. Guests arrived to realise that all their lives they had actually been sleeper agents and were only now being activated for their ultimate, and ultimately delicious mission.

I designed a laboratory’s worth of whimsical gadgetry, which I then presided over as the lovable, mathematically-minded Agent O.

I also made a special interactive audio game that pitched pairs of new agents against one another in our own Dome of Truth and was one of the most popular parts of the night. Two agents listened to careful synchronised tracks that led them to unknowingly perform roles in each others separate dramas. Here is one half of a pair.

Listen to the comic-sinister tones of the training instructor as you peruse the original blue-prints, that detail such delights as the “Phone and Chips,” “Lipkit”, “BBQdar” “invisible shirt”, “350 the robotic goldfish” and of course the “Laser Bream” – and remember this is all top secret so lets keep it between us…

MI1020 prop drawings 008  MI1020 prop drawings 005MI1020 prop drawings 002 MI1020 prop drawings 006 MI1020 prop drawings 007  MI1020 prop drawings 010 MI1020 prop drawings 013 MI1020 prop drawings 014

MI1020 prop drawings 003

Mi1020 was a Gingerline project and the sets were designed and built by the incredible Darling & Edge.